The Defense Academy

THE HUB FOR ALL DISTRIBUTED SECURITY, INC TRAINING RESOURCES is our online Defense Academy. Inside you will find content, instructional courses, lectures, training plans, and other resources designed to help you achieve your training objectives.

The Defense Academy is designed to supplement your on range (live fire) training but is not designed to replace quality firearms and tactics training.

We offer 4 membership levels to access the Defense Academy. They are:

The INTRODUCTORY membership is for prospective gun owners. Should you buy a gun? These free resources will help you decide if you should buy a gun, what kind of gun to buy and how you should train in order to defend your life and property. It will take you about 15 minutes to use these resources. 

The BASIC membership is for new gun owners. The training resources in the Basic membership are designed to get the new gun owner up and running – safely and quickly. Our online 5-Day Kick-Start course is where you should begin. Then, when you’ve completed that, continue your online training with our 30-day basic training plan for new gun owners.

The ADVANCED membership is designed for the serious individual operator or “IO” and offers key fundamental techniques and tactics needed to effectively defend against a lethal force encounter at home or on the street. The membership level trains handgun, shotgun, and rifle as primary, secondary and tertiary weapons. Combative techniques such as clearing hallways, rooms, and staircases along with street scenarios are also introduced.

The TEAM membership is for owners, managers, officials and administrators of businesses, schools, and churches all who face a common security challenge – in the event of a violent confrontation, how do you defend your employees, worshippers, students and teachers until the arrival of law enforcement? Our Team membership is intended to provide the content, instruction, plans, and resources for small teams to learn how to defend life and property.

To learn more, go to the Distributed Security Corporate Website.