Combative Handgun


COMBATIVE HANDGUN: The basic handgun series completes the basic gun-handling techniques you will need in a fight for life and prepares you for the more realistic elements you can face as a lone operator. The course starts with basic handgun skills, evolving into more advanced scenarios and techniques, including how to deal with multiple adversaries, how to shoot at close contact targets, one handed remedial actions, how to appropriately utilize your weapons mounted tactical light in numerous low/no light environment, and introduces improvised shooting positions.

This course, like  other Distributed Security Classes, is wrapped in a 16-hour shooting intensive dry-practice and live-firing drill training session and backed by all of the support videos, manuals, etc., found in the Defense Academy. This course will put a sharp edge on your ability to shoot quickly and accurately leaving you confident in your ability to safely and effectively utilize your handgun during a lethal force encounter, regardless of the situation.

This course will also include basic tactical casualty care training.  The instruction will be the “B-CON” or Bleeding Control training sponsored by The American College of Surgeons, Committee on Trauma.  DSI has augmented the instruction to also include airway management and treatment of open chest wounds. Participants will receive a certificate of training from the ACS and

Course Fee:  $800.00

Required equipment:  Handgun, holster, 3 magazines, magazine holster, ammunition 200-300 rounds, detachable tactical light, concealment garment, hearing and eye protection

Class size: 6 students

Please note that there are no refunds for this course once you sign up.  If you are unable to attend or the course is rescheduled for any reason, we will happily apply your course fee’s to future training.  This fee also includes a complimentary membership to DSI’s O2DA Online Defense Academy.  Students are expected to review all applicable videos and training materials pertinent to this course prior to the scheduled course dates.   We are scheduling dates now for the Summer.

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